How’s it going readers? Welcome to the first official website blog update in I don’t even know how many years at this point. It has definitely been a while. The past year or so has definitely been a weird experience. After going into 2020 with the hopes and aspirations of finally bringing some plans into motion, as most of you already know by now pretty much all of that was put to a halt due to the pandemic.

While I definitely did enjoy the slower pace of last year, indulging in ACNH, and overall, just taking a break – I’ve quickly come to realize that much like when I was younger, I still prefer working on things, and always having something productive to do as long as is it’s in my line of interest. While 2020 may have taken a bit of that a way, as we now make our way into the second half of 2021 and things finally starting to recover; I’m ready to announce the first bit of just some of the gaming related things I will be working on throughout the rest of the year.



First and foremost, let’s talk about “YOTP”, an acronym I’ve been throwing around here and there since late last year, which, I really wanted to explain much earlier in the year – but here we are. 2021 is YEAR OF THE PHANTOM, a concept or theme for this year, if you will, that will be part of the new PHANTOM or (PHTM) brand that I am building. I’ll be moving in this direction going forward, while also slowly moving away from the whole “GG” brand in general (no, as of this moment I do not have any intention of changing my “GlakeGG” tag to anything else). It will be a slow process, after all I still have hundreds of business cards that are tied to the whole “GG” brand that need to be distributed.

The best way to put it is that the “GG” brand will still remain relevant to everything pertaining to me as an individual gamer/content creator, however moving forward the PHTM brand will begin to be at the forefront of larger scale projects, ideas, etc – which brings me to the next and probably the biggest announcement I’d like to touch on in this update.

As part of 2021 (YOTP) I am finally ready to announce that I will be returning to online Tournament Organizing once more as part of a brand-new series of tournaments that I will be putting together very soon.


The “STRIVE FOR GLORY” saga will be the first of a few online tournament series that I’ll be kicking off this year, with the hopes to help further growth for content that I produce, the PHTM brand, and also my T.O’ing skills in general, as I would like to begin hosting offline events once again as well – as soon as it is safe to do so once more. Though the “Strive For Glory” tournaments as and quite possibly future series that I will be kicking off throughout the year will likely still be placed within the “GG Circuit” brand, at least for the time being, it’s quite likely the “GG Circuit” branding for my personal tournaments will eventually be retired/replaced with something different in the future.


Before I move on from the “Strive For Glory” announcement, I suppose I should touch on the official lineup for the series, huh? It was honestly quite difficult to come up with a final, official lineup, especially considering there being titles I initially wanted to run events for LAST YEAR, but never got around to doing; but now with new games on the horizon and overall activity for certain games shifting here and there, I had to take other things into consideration. Needless to say, the official lineup for the “Strive For Glory” series will be; Guilty Gear STRIVE (as the headlining game), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V, Mario Tennis: Aces, Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be finalizing the dates for the first batch of tournaments for these games as well as finishing up their respective registration pages. All official tournament announcements and updates will be posted here on my official website, as well as all of my gaming socials and Discord Server. As stated previously, “Strive For Glory” will be the first of a few series I’ll be putting together this year. Consider this one our Summer saga, as I expect it to run from June – August, with a “Fall” saga kicking off sometime mid or late September. Obviously, that’s still a way’s out, and a lot will come down to how well these events do as well as what I’ll have time for – but rest assured I’ll share more details when they’re ready.


Last thing I want to touch on in this first YOTP update is stream content, and how I’ll be slightly shifting things moving forward. First off, if you haven’t followed my Facebook Gaming page, please do that now. I started testing the waters over there late last year, and while I still have major issues with the platform, I’m going to be streaming over there more actively during SOME afternoons throughout the week. These will typically be much shorter streams (2-4hrs), and aside from Smash, will feature games I won’t be streaming on Twitch. I’d really like to make FB.GG strictly my home for more casual gaming streams, but unfortunately there are certain competitive games, e.g: Smash & CoD, that do much better for smaller streamers like myself, over on that platform.

As far as Twitch streams go, much will remain the same, but I really want to focus a lot more on competitive content again. Grinding the ranks/ladder for games on stream, open lobbies/viewer battles, streaming tournaments of my own and even covering/reacting to other live ones; and last but not least – finally getting back into competing in online events. Seriously, I absolutely dread playing some of these games in an online tournament environment, but throughout the past year my competitive side has been so suppressed and starved that I’m pretty much willing to endure the online foolishness at this point. I plan on doing bracket runs for several of the games that I currently stream, and will likely be announcing which events I’ll be playing in, on stream for that given week, via the Discord.

Obviously, I still have several RPG’s/Single Player games I need to get around to finishing up, those segments will still be set aside for the end of my streams, and more heavily focused on during day’s where I’m not playing in any events, or when I just need a break. Here’s that current list of RPG’s/Single Player games that are up to bat for those who care and or may have forgot.


Anyway, that pretty much does it for this YOTP Announcement and first update. This is only the beginning of course, and if I can stay consistent there will be a lot more on the way so stay tuned for future updates. Obviously, ya’ll know where to find me if you have any questions regarding any of this stuff, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Before I forget, in spirit of YOTP; a brand new PHTM subscriber badge is available for Twitch Subscribers, and will most likely only be available for this year before I fully revert back to the older one, or, much more likely – come up with something entirely new. If you’re already a sub, you should have access to the new badge, that correlates to your current sub-tier/streak.

If you somehow managed to get through the entire update, thanks much for checking it out and thank you for your energy. Stay tuned for future updates coming soon.