Welcome to the GlakeGG Network!

I won’t be going into much about what this website is all about in this post, as you can simply head on over to the “About Me” page to receive more information as it is updated. In the meantime, I’d like to use this post to sort to explain the context behind why I decided to launch this site, and where I plan to take things from here.

As some of you may know, my presence when it comes to gaming has been at an all-time-low this year, as I’ve been so much more inconsistent and having an overall lack of interest in gaming as a whole. While this is due to many factors, some of which are outside of my control; it is mainly due to the fact that I have not been involved in many of the activities that have kept my flame ignited, within gaming – very often, if at all. Back in 2009 was when gaming took on an entire different meaning for me, it was when I learned that competitive gaming added so much more enjoyment, meaning, and purpose to the activity; that I could not see myself going back to the same-old formula I had been following before.

Fast-forward to 2017, I can say that with the various other things that I have been doing and learning outside of gaming; learning more about myself and trying to find more solid direction for my life in general, I can definitely say that all of this has gotten in the way of me being able to focus on gaming, and follow the gaming path that I personally want to follow – and have been wanting to follow since 2009. I’ve noticed that over the years I have prolonged a lot of things, while some reasons are justified, many aren’t – and this is why I’m starting down this new, more focused path, today.

The GlakeGG Network is not a platform focused on me, but rather, a platform focused on my journeys, productions, and content within the gaming community as a whole. Going forward, this network will be used as a central hub for gamer’s, much like myself to not only discover and learn about, but to also get involved with the content and projects pertaining to the gaming community that I will be working on. As of now, my main focus for the remainder of August is to primarily get the momentum going again. This means returning to a more consistent Stream and YouTube schedule, and even just gaming on a daily basis. Ultimately, content creation is a huge focus this month as I move into September with a few other projects/announcements that I hope to kick off, but right now – content comes first.

While I cannot say where my focus will be, and what endeavors I’ll be looking to take in 2018, I can promise that from now, up until years, I’ll be focusing much more heavily on my gaming related content and endeavors more than I ever have. It’s going to be an interesting journey, but I feel it’s about time to stop wondering where things may lead if I were to give it my 100%, and instead actually give it my 100%.

Expect at least new Blog Entry here every week, as I’ll not only be updating you all with what’s been going on, but also writing editorial pieces on gaming related topics, potential interviews, site updates, and more.

That’s going to close out this entry! Stay tuned for future updates and happenings as I continue to get things setup here, and overall get everything moving again.


~Peace, and Keep on Gaming.