Generally speaking, September has been a crazy month thus far! Since the beginning of 2017 I made it a goal to travel as much as possible this year, and since the beginning of June things have been pretty hectic. From Pokemon Regional’s in Wisconsin, to Japan, Korea, back to the U.S and then NYC all within two months; it would be an understatement to say that my Summer has been quite an experience. Fall is just about here and less than a few weeks ago I was able to kick off September with the one and only PAX West 2017 (formerly known as PAX Prime), which took place from September 1st-4th in Seattle Washington.

If you know me, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that I AM in fact on of those people who get Washington DC mixed up with Washington State. Not only that, but I also go the locations mixed up as well. Of course, I know both are two separate places, but I suppose it was their locations I had gotten mixed up. Back in 2009 I took a long bus ride with my Church to Washington DC for a Peace Rally Event. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought Washington DC was on the West Coast, assuming that traveling to PAX West would not be my first time heading to the West. Obviously, I was quick to find out that Washington DC is in Maryland, on the East Coast, with Washington State being on the West Coast of course. Yep, I’m a dumb one.

With that said, heading to PAX West was my first actual trip to the West Coast. It was a great experience to say the least; and now I can understand why so many people dream to move out West. The weather is generally amazing this time of year, especially in Seattle. With all of that aside, I kind of want to touch on my PAX West experience a little bit, considering I was unable to do any sort of decent Vlogs due to somehow forgetting my mini-tripod at home.

Going to gaming events and conventions is literally like stepping into heaven, especially for a person like me. When I was in my earlier day’s of gaming, I had always dreamed of these sort of things, events, places, gatherings, etc – all dedicated for gaming. I had never knew they actually existed, up until I first learned about E3 which was sometime back in 2004 or 2005. I was in the 4th and 5th grade then, but my craze didn’t really pick up until about the 6th grade. After all of that time, my first gaming event was a small tournament called “Raging Storm” which was held a few cities away from me back in 2010. I suppose you could say I got into the community quite late, and even that was not an actual formal gaming event. PAX East 2016 was the first major industry gaming event I had ever attended; I remember running into the Expo Hall as it opened on Day 1 and just being in pure awe after seeing spaces and spaces full of nothing but exhibits and upcoming games. Yeah, it was a true nerd moment. Since then, nothing has quite given me that exact moment of awe, I suppose it’s only a one time thing; but that’s definitely not to say that PAX West wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

When attending these sort of events, something is always sparked inside of me, a flame is always re-ignited. You regain something that seems to dim when you spend day after day, gaming in the comfort of your own home. These events offer a sort of energy that you just can’t get anywhere else. Ever since I began playing games competitively back in 2009, I gradually became more of a solo-gamer. Sure, I had great times playing with squads and friends whenever a new Call of Duty game dropped, but that was about it. Even in MMO’s, I generally journey solo, even today. With that said, since those day’s my social gaming side has sort of been on the decline, and going to gaming conventions and events is a great way to re-connect with one of the main things that make being a gamer so great in this day in age – the community! I get it, you might be socially awkward as hell, and so am I! But nothing beats the feeling of hanging out with someone or meeting people at an event who share the same passion and knowledge for the same games as you do. It’s like a long lost soul-connection is being made, and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

PAX West came at a perfect time, as ever since the hype of the Switch launched died down, I’ve been gradually losing interest in gaming. Not only because I feel like competitive gaming is at a sort of stale-point, especially with the genre of games I generally love to compete in; but also because gaming as a whole just feels to be in a really awkward position right now. It’s a feeling that definitely is still there, but a little bit reduced since my trip to PAX West. I’ve learned that even though the industry may be going through a weird transition/state at the moment; what makes things bearable is staying close to the actual gaming community as a whole, especially the communities for the games that you DO enjoy playing. As edgy as I am, I can be the first to admit that gaming with others, for the most part, is what makes gaming great. Sure there are some amazing awesome single player experiences out there just waiting to be experienced, but I feel there are even more experiences out there waiting to be had along-side your friends/the community.

After taking all of this to heart, I believe my main focus in gaming going ahead is focusing on the community. Whether it’d be catering to it in my works, getting involved with other entities, streaming, running tournaments, whatever; what matters to me most now, is continuing the rest of my gaming career, if you will, in a much closer fashion to the overall community. This all sort of goes back to my recent Vlog, which sort of detailed the direction I am looking to take in pertains to gaming moving forward. Getting involved, creating, and entertaining are some of my major focuses going ahead and though only a couple months remain until 2017 comes to a close – things are just getting started for me.

Moving on from PAX West and it’s impact on me, I’d like to touch on some Streaming related updates, though brief, I feel like I should mention before bringing this entry to a close. As stated earlier, August was one hell of a month. And while I wanted to begin streaming Full Time immediately upon getting back from Japan/Korea in July, my mostly FT work schedule which lead well into late August, as well as having to catch-up with other projects on the side, pretty much ruined all of my plans to begin streaming longer hours during the week. Luckily, things are looking much brighter now, as work is becoming less busy and I have changed my availability a bit in order to have more time to focus on my side-projects as well as streaming during the week. Assuming I can keep things in this direction going forward, my goal is to hit 40+ hours of streaming per-week, with 35hrs being the absolute bare minimum (in the event of something unexpected comes up.) Overall, this will give me much more time to practice games I wish to compete in, as well as play a wider array of titles which I have abandoned or have been highly requested for me to play *cough* Fire Emblem *cough* .

That isn’t all however. 12-24hr Stream Marathons are also going to become much more common of a thing moving forward, with our next marathon set to be for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite which launches next Tuesday, September 19th! If you plan on showing up to any of the daily streams, definitely check out all of the commands in the channel description as several new features have been implemented into the stream chat.


September is proving to be a pretty big month for Streamers on Twitch, and even crisper if you’re a follower of my channel. First off, Sub on Twitch are available for half off, which means you can subscribe to any of your favorite streamers on Twitch for half the price ($2.50). In addition to this, I’m kicking off monthly giveaways on my channel this month, with this months giveaway being a Steam copy of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite! Enrolling in the giveaway is easy, as all you have to do is earn enough “!points” by spending time in the stream and then heading on over to the “!giveaway” page to use your points to purchase tickets which automatically enroll you into the giveaway. Subscribers are able to purchase triple the amount of tickets than standard viewers, which means they’ll have a higher chance of winning. All Subscribers receive bonus !points upon Subscribing, as well as other benefits such as our first subscriber emote, matchmaking priority, the ability to earn 4x the amount of !points per-minute and much more which is soon to come!


Well ya’ll, that pretty much wraps up this update! It’s been a big one, and yes, I am terribly sorry for not capturing PAX West video footage. It’s truly a HUGELY missed opportunity that I’ll never get over. Did I mention that I also forgot my SD card for my camera and had to buy a new one? Well, no matter. More updates are on the way, and I hope this was at least somewhat entertaining/informative for you all to read! Share your thoughts in the comments below, the feedback would be nice!

Until the next update, ya’ll keep on gaming as usual.


~ Peace